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Featured Story 2017 | Navi Mumbai Bengal Association – Vashi

Featured Story 2017 | Navi Mumbai Bengal Association – Vashi


Bengalis love to celebrate their language, their culture, their fierce attachment to the city of joy and of course politics. Navi Mumbai Bengali Association(NMBA) is one of the largest association of Bengalis in the state of Maharashtra and one of the leading socio-cultural institutions for Bengalis in the whole of India. This organization consists of members from all parts of Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune, other parts of India and even abroad.

NMBA is registered as a Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and is also under the ambit of Society’s Registration Act XXI OF 1860. NMBA is governed by an elected Board of Trustees and day-to-day administration is looked after by Managing Committee elected from among its life members. India is home to several unique traditions which include its spirituality, diverse music, art, culinary delights and many ethnic festivals. Since its inception in 1981, NMBA has actively tried to promote these various facets of Indian ethnicity by organizing as well as participating in a variety of social, cultural and public welfare activities. All initiatives of NMBA are driven by community welfare motive and is open to Bengalis as well as individuals from other communities and religions.

NMBA operates from its own premise at Sector 6, Vashi. The premise has a Temple of Goddess Kali, Guest Rooms, Home for Cancer Patients, Conference halls, Canteen, a wide open-air stage and a Library. The Kali Temple at NMBA Premise is very popular among the populace NMBA runs a major social project – ‘The Home for Cancer Patients’, which is aimed at providing affordable boarding and lodging facilities to cancer patients coming to Mumbai for treatment. The Home has 9 rooms with attached bathroom. The library has several thousand books and is managed by the members themselves. The building has lift facility. NMBA provides this special service to more than 500 cancer patients annually and the rooms are always in demand. NMBA even takes care of providing nutritious food for the patients and their attendants or members of their family at a subsidized rate and there is an arrangement for 24-hour Ambulance & Medical Facility.
Durga Puja celebration by Navi Mumbai Bengali Association (NMBA), Vashi is a fine mix of commemoration, rejoice & social commitment. NMBA, being the foremost social organization for Bengalis in Navi Mumbai, has taken a major pledge towards positive contribution to the community and society at-large.

It’s 38th year, NMBA Durgotsav 2017 will be bigger than ever before – in its scale, grandeur and epitome. This year, The Puja will be held on 26th to 30th September at Netaji Subhash Ground, Sector 1A, Vashi. Around 3(three) lac people are expected to take part in this 5 day long mega-festival.

-Mr. Shaibal Roy, General Secretary of Navi Mumbai Bengali Association

Durga Puja is the ultimate platform for us to demonstrate our core values of Social commitment towards the people. A substantial portion of the revenue generated from this event, through individual donations and corporate sponsorship – will be donated towards the running of ‘Home for Cancer Patients’ – a unique social initiative by NMBA, where subsidised accommodation and various other free facilities are provided to the patients coming to Mumbai for cancer treatments. It also runs an ambulance service as a part of its social contribution and provides 80G facility to the donors.

– say Mr. Bivas Maiti President of Navi Mumbai Bengali Association.

Among other annual programs NMBA organises Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja, Sports, Bengali New Year, Tagore’s Birthday, Annual Picnic, Art, Music & Dance Contests, Naranarayan Seva, Bastra Daan to Economically Challenged Women, Youth Development Centre for developing youth as thought of by Swami Vivekananda through value education and training, Spiritual Discourse, various workshop, Help to Senior Citizens through collaboration with Dignity Foundation, Scholarship for Education to economically challenged students, Commemorating birth days of Bengal greats etc.

NMBA is governed by a Board of Trustees and a Managing Committee – both of which are formed through a democratic election process. The members of these executive bodies are highly qualified individuals, who are well established in their professional and personal lives.

Aims & Objectives of NMBA as defined in the Memorandum of Association:

  • To organise socio-cultural activities with special emphasis for the propagation of Bengali culture under the auspices of its Life Members in the name and style of Navi Mumbai Bengali Association.
  • To arrange for intellectual discussions, to maintain and create interest in art & culture, to arrange and hold lectures, seminars, film shows on educational subjects and/or subjects connected with science, arts, sports, commerce, IT, games and religion.
  • To render services including raising and disbursing Funds at times of natural and national calamities.
  • To foster the spirit of friendship and brotherhood with nonpolitical associations and people from all walks of life
  • To establish coaching classes, schools, colleges and libraries for the benefit of all irrespective of caste, creed or religion and to organize, promote or conduct other educational institutions with the intent of encouraging arts, music, dance, painting, martial arts, yoga and meditation, science, commerce, technology or any other subject as may be decided from time to time.
  • To render medical help and advice to the sick and needy, and for that purpose to establish and run hospitals, dispensaries, maternity homes, sanatoriums, clinics, residential rooms/apartments, Stay and after care facilities for cancer patients, congenital and other life-threatening disease and Pharmacy.
  • To grant scholarships, awards, trophies, medals or other presents in cash or in kind, to provide fees, books and other materials to poor and deserving students. To provide facilities for recreation, games, sports, physical exercises and/or for the development of any art such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, etc.
  • To erect, construct, maintain or to purchase lands and/or buildings to carry out the aims and objectives of the Association. The building of the Association shall be used as Institutional structure and for the use of the Institution only.
  • To educate the public by means of lectures, newspaper articles, exhibitions, publications, wall posters, hand bills, magazines, the internet and other new age media etc. Also to print, publish, exhibit and/or sell books, house Journals, periodicals pamphlets, souvenirs, papers that may be considered suitable for the promotion of the objects of the Association.
  • To associate in the activities of any other society, institution or association having objectives wholly or to an extent similar to the objectives of this Association. The above would also include carrying out joint projects with such associations / institutions which promote these objectives. To do all such other lawful acts, deeds or things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects.


There are three Categories of Members:

  1. Life Member
  2. Associate Member
  3. Honorary Member

All members along with their families can enjoy the facilities and privileges of the Association. However, only Life Members can exercise the voting right. Family Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members do not have the right to vote or to stand for elections to the Board of Trustees or Managing Committee. This privilege is reserved for life members only
The prescribed criteria for Membership are available in Association Bye-Law.

Kali Temple

Navi Mumbai Bengali Association houses a Kali Temple in the premises, established in the year 1999. We call her “Ma BhubanMohini”. Over the years Ma BhubonMohini has become the centre of attraction of devotees from all parts of Navi Mumbai and the reputation of the temple has now spread all over Mumbai and its suburbs.
To help the Probashi Bengali as well as others, the Kali Temple priests are available for conducting rituals at the residences of the devotees as well. A list of various services is displayed at the Mandir premises for the devotees.
We have a Mandir Committee that works with transparency regarding all the issues related to systematic and organized functioning of the temple. The Committee reports to the Managing Committee.
The following are the contact persons connected to the temple:

Contact person

Nirupam Mukherjee: 9820658994
Office Landline : 022 27823089
Darshan Timings
Morning: 7 am – 1 pm
Evening: 6 pm – 10 pm

Morning Puja Time
9:30 am

10:30 am, 11:00 am & 11:30 am
(No pushpanjali after 11:30 am)

11:45 am

Sandhya Arati
8:00 pm

Sponsorships for Mandir services:

The devotees are always welcomed to sponsor for these services.

  • Nitya Puja
  • Sheetal Bhog
  • Amabasya Puja
  • Amabasya Khichuri Bhog
  • Amabasya Payesh Bhog
  • Amabasya Pujar Phul
  • Amabasya Pujar Phol

Home for Cancer Patients:

Navi Mumbai Bengali Association runs a major social project – ‘The Home for Cancer Patients(HFCP)’, which is aimed at providing affordable boarding and lodging facilities to cancer patients coming to Mumbai for treatment. The Home has got 9 rooms with attached bathroom. NMBA provides this special service to more than 500 cancer patients annually.

Facilities provided

  • 24 Hr Hot water through solar energy Filter water.
  • Refrigerator to keep the medicines.
  • Common TV
  • Good and healthy food for the patients and their attendants at a subsidized rate.

Contact person

Pradip Chandra Pal: 09892093287
Office Landline : 022 27823089

Booking Rules

  • Home for cancer patient’s rooms cannot be booked in advance. The patient’s family need to enquire regarding availability on arrival and would be allocated on first come first serve basis.
  • An amount of Rs 500/ would be taken as a security deposit and 7 days accommodation charges, as an advance in cash for HOME FOR CANCER PATIENTS (HFCP). This security deposit amount shall be refunded, after adjusting for any missing or damaged items in the room.
  • Cash receipt shall be issued as soon as any amount is taken from the guests.
  • Booking will be done according to the availability of the rooms on spot.
  • One AC room for cancer patient to be kept for those who require it at Rs 500/ per day. In special cases this room can be treated as non AC Room at the rate of Rs 150/ per day, for a limited period after consulting HFCP in charge/ General secretary.
  • Maximum 3 persons can be allowed in a single /one room. Beyond that charges of an extra person at the rate of Rs 50/ per day or as decided by the Managing committee.
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