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Vashi Cultural Durga Mata

Vashi Cultural Association | Balancing festivity with Social Responsibility

Vashi Cultural Association (VCA) was founded in 2005 in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. VCA engages itself in various cultural activities & is one of the premier cultural clubs across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai &Thane. It believes in creating harmony amongst the Bengali community & encourages all round participation to keep the Bengali culture & tradition alive through many different activities.
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Daab Chingri

Durga Puja’s Foodgasm | দুর্গা পূজার ভুরি ভোজ

Bengalis are known to be foodies (বাঙালি মানেই খাদ্য রসিক). And this enthusiasm manifolds during the 4 days of Durga Puja. From Kathi Rolls to Kobiraji Cutlets, from Phuchka/ Panipuri/ Gol Gappa (ফুচকা ) to Jhal muri (ঝাল মুড়ি), from Biryani (বিরিয়ানি) to Chicken Ala kiev, from Chelo Kebab to Kosha Mansho (কষা মাংস) and Luchi (লুচি), from Dab Chingri (ডাব চিংড়ি) to Ilish Pathuri Bengali relish and savour everything during these days.
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