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How To Look Younger This Festive Season

How to look Younger and Healthier this festive season & other Tips!

So, all of you Bong Beauties, are you all set to dazzle this Durga Puja 2017? Durgotsav is not only for the young crowds, it’s the time when the “not-so-young” ravishing beauties come out to enjoy the celebration and in groups. However, time is not fair to us always and all our beautiful faces are subject to aging and that’s when our bid to save our youthful self-pushes us to expensive treatment and procedures! You can still look years younger without taking the extreme steps. There are modern techniques such as skin tightening which have come to our rescue.
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Bhalolaga By Sudipto Chakaborty

Photographer’s Corner | ফটোগ্রাফারদের আড্ডা

Photographs are available both as framed or unframed. To purchase please call: Tridib Ghosh @thoughtinteract : 09820024594. (Frames shown here are just for demonstration purpose. The actual frames might vary at the time of purchase). This is an initiative to bring spotlight on amazing amateur photographers from Kolkata, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.
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Iti Kotha - Gupi Gyan Bagha Byan Banner

Iti restaurant | Story | ইতি কথা

রবি ঠাকুর (Rabindra nath tagore) বলেছিলেন 'বাসনার তৃপ্তি রসনাতে' | এমন কথা বলার হক নিশ্চিত ভাবে তার ছিল , কারণ তার শতগুনের অন্যতম ছিল 'ভোজন সৃজন' ( Foody)| একদা বাংলার ব্যবসার বিস্তৃতি ছিল পূব - পশ্চিমের ( East and West)…

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